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Malcolm Rutherford


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Malcolm has been involved in the Casino industry since 1988, initially in Operational Gaming and, from 1995 onward in Surveillance and Investigations. In Greece, Morocco, the UK and in Macau; picking up wide and varied experience along the way. He is now responsible for Project Development and Management with eConnect as well as looking after sales and customer relations in the APAC region. Malcolm has helped develop the scope and operational functionality of the eConnect family of optimization and loss prevention products as well as expounding a new paradigm for the future course of the company, with a focus on the benefits and potential of artificial intelligence; and how it can be used to identify patterns , and areas of concern, for human intervention. While at the Galaxy Entertainment Group he was responsible for recruiting a twenty-one strong team to investigate all elements of fraud and crime within the entire organization. Committed to lifelong learning he continues to study with the likes of the Open University and Coursera, such diverse subjects as Business and Marketing, Fraud, Economics, History, Genetics and Terrorism. Malcolm continues to split his time between the US, Europe and the Far East.

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