Bojoko research: Operator fees reducing some affiliates’ revenue share from 45 percent to just 8%


Bojoko has released a report that discusses the affiliate revenues that are deducted by operators.

The report is a wake-up call to operators who unfairly charge casino affiliates. Bojoko hopes for more transparency in the fees applied to earnings.

Bojoko conducted an audit on the online casinos listed on its website, selecting casinos with which it shared a 45 percent revenue.

According to the findings, after reduction in fees, net revenue for some was as low as 8%. In contrast, 18 of the audits revealed a revenue share after fees of less than 16 percent.

Although the highest revenue share was 40.8%, the average revenue share after fees was 23.9%. It was less than half of the 45% agreed upon.

“Our audit into and report on the fees applied to affiliates shows there is a lot needed to improve the relationship between the two parties,” said Joonas Karhu, Bojoko’s chief business officer.

However, Bojoko and CBO Karhu hope to improve the situation through the newly launched Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (PGAA).

This is an initiative that addresses the imbalance by having both parties sign a contract. The PGAA spent months designing a contract that ensures its members’ safety.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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