What is Qasiknow?

Qasiknow.com is born out of the necessity of sharing information and knowledge with everyone in the gaming industry who is interested in learning, growing, discovering different points of view and ways of doing things.  It is a collection of articles, white papers, educational pieces, videos, tutorials, as well as listings, news, opinions, and everything else today’s gaming executive and the up and coming generations need to grow their business and advance their careers.

All this knowledge comes from the foremost thinkers and movers in our industry and is presented to you as is, with the aim of learning and creating a better gaming world. Qasiknow.com is a for-profit organization, but an organization, where profit is secondary to the goal of spreading unbiased knowledge.

Our mission is to provide unbiased knowledge to the gaming industry both on and offline.

We will achieve this by inviting the foremost thinkers, shakers, and movers of our industry to share with you their knowledge, ideas, and opinion.

Our Vision is to give everyone a chance to learn, resulting in a professionally run gaming industry that is accepted by the public and achieves a better balance between profit for its owners and entertainment value for its customers

In an age that will probably go down in history as the “Misinformation Age”, the value of knowledge, facts and verifiable information can not be underestimated. The internet promised to be an infinite warehouse of information, but then interests took over and when you look for information these days, what you will find is mostly paid content pushed into your face. Especially, if you use the word casino or gambling in your search.

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