Andrew Pearson

The Automation of Marketing

Abstract Today, the average campaign response rate is less than 1 percent and with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI),

Malcolm Rutherford

Do the Right Thing

In July of 1588 a large Spanish fleet edged Eastward up the English Channel, followed, just beyond long cannon shot,

Andrew Pearson

Capacity Planning in Marketing

Know Your Limitations In his article What Is a Constraint in Marketing?1, John DuBois claims, “A constraint limits or holds

Andrew Pearson

As the Browser Cookie Crumbles…

Like Mark Twain’s claim that the news of his death was greatly exaggerated, the news of the browser cookie’s death

Andrew Pearson

Capacity Planning in Marketing

Abstract Capacity planning or capacity management is the process of determining the production needed by an organization to meet changing demands

Sudhir Kale

Casino Positioning in Turbulent Times

I have been a marketing consultant to casinos for over two decades. Before undertaking any consulting assignment that involves marketing,

Shaun McCamley

Change Management

Change Management, a resourceful process to improve a properties gross gaming results and a process I am often asked to

Richard R Lehman

Game Selection Criteria (Part 5)

In the previous installment of this series on game selection criteria, specialty slot machine carousels were discussed as an important

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