Casino Player Development Science by Nick Ippolito

In my continued mission to help casino hosts and management to focus on exactly what casino player development means and where the focus should be in this area, I created a fool proof casino player development science.

There are, as we all know, many segments to casino player development and . . .

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2 responses on "Casino Player Development Science by Nick Ippolito"

  1. Master piece, as always. It is incredible how many people miss the point of the word “Developments” and go straight to high tier customers or accumulated theo over long periods. How can someone develop someone that is already playing 7 days a week or 20 hours per week? Finding those hidden players with room to develop is the key to find the next customers that will drive your business. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hear and read more about the mathematics behind your formula.

  2. The first comment is calling anyone that hasn’t opted in will get the casino company in very serious trouble in this part of the world.
    Secondly, without a cross-check that this person hasn’t self-excluded or has indicated gambling issues will dig the casino company a deeper hole.
    Finally, product knowledge. There is no point in anyone calling up any punter unless they know and understand the game(s) or slots this punter plays. The theoretical is an insight into the players betting style and a guide to understand any players worth. The host having product knowledge will both ease the relationship building and understanding of the players betting style.
    Is there really any point in bringing back a sophisticated player that manages their betting and bankroll to leave little for the casino?

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