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64, Excalibur, B.Bontadini St. , Birkirkara, Al Mahrah Governorate BKR 1737, Malta
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An established and reputable casino consultancy providing solutions in all departments and aspects of the casino industry. Our productivity and optimization programs begin with the secret shopper, business analysis, departmental heads meetings feeding back observations and presenting factual data collected. Continuing, we then demonstrate the corrective measures that include existing staff, management and equipment without incurring further costs on unnecessary new employees or paraphernalia. Utilizing the surveillance department we train on how to analyze productivity so the process can be continued after our departure. Every aspect is recorded in factual data so we have proven records to illustrate substantial increases in the agreed weakened areas.

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09/07/2021 is born out of the necessity of sharing information and knowledge with everyone in the gaming industry who is interested in learning, growing, discovering different points of view and ways of doing things.

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