A trial of cashless gaming machines set to begin in New South Wales

cashless gaming machines

The New Lambton club of the Wests Group will be the first in New South Wales, Australia, to trial cashless poker machines.

The Aristocrat Gaming and Wests Newcastle will conduct the trial, which was announced on May 24. It aims to bring cashless payments for all club services in the area to combat problem gambling and money laundering.

According to reports, the trial will begin in September. It will include responsible gambling measures such as money limits, time limits, and real-time messaging to customers.

The trial will “help us combat the twin sins of money laundering and problem gambling, addressing the key concerns of the Bergin Inquiry,” said Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello.

Moreover, Crown Casino was involved in money laundering at its Melbourne location, according to the report. And cashless gaming cards can help prevent this from happening in the future.

The company’s case is now in its third week of witness hearings, and Crown Casino is on trial. However, as part of a deal with the New South Wales regulator, Crown agreed to implement cashless gambling.

“Aristocrat believes that enabling cashless payment solutions is an innovation that may help enhance the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of our industry,” said Mitchell Bowen, CEO of Aristocrat Gaming and Chief Transformation Officer.

“A powerful new suite of responsible digital tools will empower our members,” said Wests Newcastle CEO Phil Gardner.

“Our members to paying for meals, memberships, and gaming with their mobile wallet is something our industry hasn’t seen before.”





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