Arnaud Mimran, a Playboy Poker player and fraudster, Gets 13 years for kidnapping

Arnaud Mimran

Arnaud Mimran, a French fraudster, socialite, and high-stakes poker player, prisoned for 13 years for masterminding the kidnapping of a Swiss financier in 2016.

Mimran was already serving an eight-year sentence for “the swindle of the century,” as the French media dubbed it. This was a 2008 and 2009 fraud that bilked the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme of €300 million ($345 million).

When Goldman Sachs called back to say they would not take the trade because it was “bizarre,” Rodrig’s kidnappers forced him to buy the shares the next day through a smaller broker. Titouh was shot dead on his doorstep the next day.

Mimran denied knowing about the kidnapping. He told the court that he and Titouh had discussed ways to attract investors. But he had no idea the latter planned to take such drastic measures.

Moreover, they also accuse him of murdering his father-in-law. He was a 76-year-old billionaire hotelier, and art dealer Claude Dray, who was murdered at his home in 2011.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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