Australia — A lawyer claims The Star is unfit to operate.

The star

Lawyer Naomi Sharp has claimed that The Star Sydney is unfit to have a casino license in New South Wales due to a “litany of difficulties” with a Chinese debit card scheme for VIP customers.

A junket operator has accused Star Entertainment of money laundering, fraud, and foreign involvement.

Naomi Sharp said: “We submit that the evidence in the public hearing establishes that the Star is not suitable to hold the casino license and that its close associate Star Entertainment is not suitable either.”

“There has not yet been the period of deep reflection which of course will be necessary in order to develop a concrete plan about what can bring these corporations into a position of suitability. It is not enough to bring a corporation into suitability simply to terminate the employment of or part company with a number of senior officers. There is more to the question of suitability than particular individuals within the corporation.”

She produced evidence that Star concealed gaming transactions as hotel charges to the tune of $900m until it was stopped in 2020.

Describing the process used by the Star as a ‘sham,’ Ms. Sharp added: “This highlights deeply ingrained cultural problems shared across a large number of members of the senior executive.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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