British GGY totals £546.2m in March with high record slot revenues


The British Gambling Commission reported online gross gambling yield increased by 4.1 percent month over month to £546.2 million. It was because of revenue from online slots reaching a new high of £202.9 million.

They collected the figures using data from operators representing around 80% of the online gambling market. While the Commission has now reported 13 months of data since lockdowns started. It said it was “not advisable” to compare year-on-year figures due to “different operating circumstances.”

Online slot revenue in England reached a new monthly high of £202.9 million in the final entire month of the lockdown. It increased 15.2% from February and 1.5% from the previous high in December 2020. This came as the number of slot players reached a new high of 3.3 million, up 10.0% from last month and 10.1% from the previous high set in December 2020. The number of spins surpassed 6 billion for the first time.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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