Bundestag committee hears opposing views on German turnover tax


A session of the Bundestag’s Finance Committee heard fierce industry opposition to a proposed igaming turnover tax. But there was also a lot of support for the proposed levy on licensees’ turnover.

The 7 June hearing centered on a proposal to amend the country’s Race Betting and Lottery Act. The legislation would impose a 5.3 percent turnover tax on all forms of online gambling, including poker and slots.

In effect, this would result in tax bills being higher than the 25% gross profit tax set for in-person gambling.

The chair of industry association Deutscher Verband für Telekommunikation und Median (DVTM), Renatus Zilles, warned that such a high rate would only benefit the unlicensed market.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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