Casino industry loses trusted advisor and leading market researcher

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Michael Meczka, the casino industry’s “Dean” of market research and player insights, died on August 12 in LA from Covid-19. Meczka Market Research/Consulting (MMR/C), his market research firm, provided market research services to nearly every commercial casino company in the US and over 100 Indian tribes.

Michael conducted over 2,500 focus groups and nearly two million surveys of casino customers during his career. His findings and recommendations helped in the development of modern casino design. It also served as the foundation for casino marketing programs throughout North America.

Lorraine Cebollero, Vice President of Marketing at Tulalip Casino, reflected, “Many of our axioms began as truisms taught by Michael. It is all about escapism for the avid gamer. Also, they are in the casino to play, not necessarily to win; food is fuel, and anything that distracts a gamer from their main goal of seeking relief from the stresses of their daily lives and enjoying the excitement of gaming.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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