Century Casinos reopen their casinos officially in Poland

Century Casinos poland

Century Casinos’ subsidiary Casinos Poland reopened its eight casinos on May 28, in which the company owns a 66.6% stake.

On March 19, 2021, all casinos in Poland remained closed due to a quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19. The regulation that allows casinos to reopen includes social distancing practices as well as improved health and safety protocols. There’s no guarantee that the Polish government won’t ask for more closures in the future.

Century Casinos Co-Chief Executive Officers Erwin Haitzmann, “We look forward to welcoming our guests and staff back to our casinos. This is a crucial step in resuming normal operations in Poland for our company,” Haitzmann and Hoetzinger concluded.

The company’s casinos in the United States are open, but its casinos in Canada are currently not operational. If the status of the company’s casinos changes in the future, the company will post the information on its website.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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