Chile will investigate Pinera for potential conflicts of interest.

On Thursday, Chile’s Comptroller Office requested information from the financial market regulator and private brokerages. To clarify, the request was about the blind trust of President Sebastian Pinera. It was a part of an investigation into a potential conflict of interest.

The office made a request after Congressional Committee. As a result, They found that two companies manage some of Pinera’s money. These companies have investments in the local Enjoy casino. President Pinera issued a command in favor of these in January.

The President’s office said it was in favor of the request. So they called it the best method to clear any doubts, the office denies any false accusations. The President endorsed complete and permanent compliance. However, He believes in the law.

After taking charge in his first government in 2010. Pinera created a series of blind trusts. It allowed third parties to administer his wealth. The move was to avoid any conflict of interest.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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