Colombia – Newly appointed BETER CEO outlines strategic goals


Gal Ehrlich, BETER’s new CEO, delivered a presentation to the team about the company’s long-term strategy, values, strategic initiatives, and commitment to operational excellence just weeks after becoming CEO.

A significant portion of the presentation spoke about the company’s employees and BETER’s corporate culture innovations. Gal stated that implementing a strong corporate governance system to make BETER’s products the most trusted in the betting industry would be one of the company’s key strategic initiatives in the future.

“Our mission and vision will remain unchanged. BETER will continue developing the fast betting niche while also meeting the demands of everyone in the betting industry.” Mr. Ehrlich stated.

“We will also be expanding into the Asian market, which we identified as an exciting avenue for future business growth. We will also work tirelessly to raise our standards of organizational excellence.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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