Esports betting in the US : most recent studies


James Brightman, a senior strategist at Interpret, shares his thoughts on the company’s most recent esports research and his studies on esports betting in the United States.

Betting companies should recognize that they have a real chance to grow their business beyond traditional sports. Fans of esports are just as passionate as fans of traditional sports. They represent a highly appealing demographic for influential brands.

To take advantage of the streaming opportunities in Canada, Luckbox has hired ahead of content. Pinnacle is hosting its own CS: GO tournament, which effectively means more content creation. Over the last year, the pandemic has taken a toll on both industries’ revenues. Nonetheless, by collaborating, they form a synergistic relationship that will benefit both companies in the long run.

As more states pass legislation allowing for esports betting, we can expect more betting services to spring up to take advantage of the opportunity.

The esports audience is rapidly expanding. Moreover, according to Interpret data, the esports viewing audience in the United States increased from 12% at the start of the year to 19% by the end of the year, implying that nearly one in every five Americans now watches esports. Gambling will almost certainly increase as this audience grows.

Betting companies still have time to get involved in esports. Getting in early will benefit operators as viewership numbers continue to rise, resulting in increased awareness for betting companies.

Several companies have already boosted their esports credentials by sponsoring esports teams and tournaments. Keep in mind that key stakeholders in the esports industry will be paying close attention, as any match-fixing scandals linked to betting could jeopardize the industry.




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