Fast Track signs a deal with Gaming Innovation Group

Fast Track

Fast Track CRM has signed a deal with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to support the GiG’s operators.

Fast Track will be available on GiG’s igaming platform from now onwards. It will assist operators in regulated markets, integrate leading payment methods and enhance player interaction.

Operators can also configure their brand with game providers and gain access to various content. They can also gain statistics and insights around consumers.

Fast Track co-founder Christopher Hirst said, “Like Fast Track, GiG is a technology company at its core. One of the GiG platform’s major strengths has always been its data flexibility.”

“Fast Track, as an organization, brings a great deal of industry knowledge to the table. Also, it drives operational excellence and value for their customers through their excellent platform,” added Martin Collins, business development director at GiG.

“Partnering with a leading provider of technology solutions is an exciting opportunity for GiG. It allows us to provide even more value to all of our customers. We heartily welcome Fast Track to our market.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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