Football Index customers can now withdraw account freely

Football Index

Because of a court ruling last month, customers having accounts with the ‘football stock market’ Football Index are once again free to withdraw the cash balances from their accounts, worth approximately £3.5m in total.

The ruling, however, only applied to account balances and not to any other money, such as the value of active bets.

Players should allow two to ten working days from the date of the withdrawal request to withdraw funds.

Football Index has stated that it will contact any customers who require additional information in order to withdraw funds directly. Withdrawals will be available only through the operator’s website, as its mobile apps have been suspended.

Players had been unable to access funds in their accounts since the platform’s operator, BetIndex, declared bankruptcy in March.

Administrators began the claims process in April, and the government soon announced an investigation into the platform’s decline.

The case came to the High Court. It would help determine how to reimburse players from Football Index’s player protection account, which contained approximately £4.5 million.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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