Former Atlantic City casinos served as backdrop for new zombie film.

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The trailer for “Army of the Dead” shows some quick glimpses inside the shuttered New Jersey casinos. Filmmakers had also revamped the casino for the film. It was director Zach Snyder’s another apocalyptic zombie tale.

“Army of the Dead,” which will be available on Netflix on May 21, follows actor Dave Bautista and a zombie-fighting crew as they enter a zombie-filled “quarantine zone” in Las Vegas to retrieve $200 million trapped beneath the Strip.

Filmmakers used two empty casinos as the backdrop for some interior casino scenes. The Showboat Hotel and the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel were used.

Later, during a conference for the trailer’s premiere, Synder described how the filmmakers used the casinos. It hinted some of the most noteworthy moments took place inside one of the casinos.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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