Germany – German Lotto shows pandemic proof with 7.9% increase

German Lotto

German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) had an outstanding first half of the year, with a 7.9 percent increase. 87 game participants became millionaires, while 434 other players won €100,000 or more. Each of the 16 state lottery companies was able to raise the amount spent on their games to more than €4 billion.

“Our customers have remained loyal to us in the first half of 2021 as well,” said Jürgen Häfner, Managing Director of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz, which is currently in charge of the DLTB. We are especially pleased with the substantial increase in our long-running LOTTO 6aus49. The introduction of the new profit plan last autumn alone resulted in a 15.3 percent increase in stakes. We have proved that LOTTO 6aus49 is a traditional model with a bright future.”

He was especially happy that changes to the main product resulted in a significant increase in the number of lottery millionaires. 50 of the 87 game participants who became millionaires in all DLTB game offerings did so solely through lottery play. This is due to the fact that winnings in the second prize category (six correct numbers) are structurally much larger. Baden-Württemberg produced 14 of the 87 new millionaires, while Bavaria produced 13 millionaires. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, there were 12 new millionaires.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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