Grosvenor Casinos’ commitment to responsible gambling is being reinforced in the UK.

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With a program that has committed team members providing customers with private support regarding safer gambling, Grosvenor Casinos is reaffirming its commitment to responsible gaming.

The Safer Gambling Week campaign is being used by members of the Player Protection Champions team, who work for gaming and entertainment establishments all around the UK, to educate both returning and potential clients about the one-on-one counseling services they offer.

Despite the fact that the statewide campaign runs from Monday, October 17, to Sunday, October 23, Grosvenor Casinos’ initiative sees Player Protection Champions provide support in-venue throughout the year. The champions routinely undergo specialized training on how to spot suspicious behavior as well as instruction on how to have confidential conversations with customers about certain gambling problems or issues.

Additionally, they support their coworkers in taking ownership of recognizing client warning signals of gambling damage in an effort to ensure that everyone has a positive gaming experience.

Grosvenor Casinos has donated to safer gaming organizations in 2022 as part of its continuous commitment, including assistance organizations like GamCare.

Angela Attard, Player Protection Champion at The Victoria in London, said: “The role of a Player Protection Champion is to help embed the training and education they receive into the everyday workings of the casino.

“A key part of this is getting to know our regular customers and building a natural camaraderie with them. Not only does this enable us to spot any potential signs but it also creates a two-way relationship with our regular customers who become confident enough to confide in us and seek help should they need it.”

Mark McCaffrey, Head of Venues Customer Diligence at Grosvenor Casinos, said: “At Grosvenor, everyone has a responsibility for protecting and supporting our players however our Player Protection Champions are always on hand for more focussed support.

“The vast majority of customers who visit casinos enjoy gaming as a part of their leisure time. However, it is vital that we are ready and able to support the minority for whom their play may cause them issues. Grosvenor Casinos are committed to reducing gambling related harm and have invested in delivering training to over 1,000 colleagues in partnership with GamCare.

The Player Protection Champions are emphasizing four easy measures of safer gaming advise during this Safer Gambling Week to ensure an enjoyable visit to the casino this month. These consist of:

  • Recall that gambling is not a means of generating income.
  • Never be afraid to take a break when playing, and keep track of your spending by establishing a cap.
  • When you need it, speak in confidence with a Grosvenor Casinos Player Protection Champion in person or over the phone.

Each year, Safer Gambling Week brings the sector together to refocus and make sure that players have the greatest support possible.

During this Safer Gambling Week, Player Protection Champions Gary Dixie, Colin McCluskey, and Angela Attard reaffirm Grosvenor Casinos’ dedication to responsible gambling, offering confidential one to one support for those who show signs of problem gambling.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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