Hong Kong Police Continue To Stop Illegal Gaming, Local Cop Among Suspects.

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A local police officer was among the 65 suspects arrested during a weekend raid of an alleged illegal gambling joint located in Hong Kong’s Kwun Tong neighborhood.

The 28-year-old cop reportedly was fired from his police job and will be investigated. According to the South China Morning Post, he was one of three suspected operators of an illegal poker room based on police allegations.

Officer Faces Seven Years of Prison

The officer and his partners were charged with operating a gambling establishment. If convicted, each could face a sentence of seven years in prison and a HK$5 million fine [US $643,186].

Four of those apprehended were suspected dealers at the gaming operation. The rest of those were suspected gamblers.

They were between the ages of 18 and 54. The majority were in their 20s. But, each of the suspects was released on bail.

Four poker tables were found inside the gambling operation. Police seized around HK$600,000 [US$77,182] in cash and gambling chips.

Furthermore, in a separate incident this past weekend, Hong Kong police apprehended 29 suspects in a second gambling raid.

In both raids, some suspects were also charged with violating social distancing rules.

Then, the third series of gambling arrests took place in Hong Kong. Sixteen suspects were arrested in connection with an alleged bookmaking and money laundering operation.

The suspects were aged between 21 and 56. According to police, three of them are linked to a triad organized crime syndicate.

Hong Kong Gambling-Related Arrests in Past

Many other gambling arrests took place in Hong Kong in recent months.

For instance, in December, a police raid on a suspected luxury casino resulted in 16 arrests. Authorities also seized about HK$24 million (US$3 million) worth of chips.

Last November, a suspected triad leader is known as “Shanghai Boy” was apprehended as he returned to Hong Kong after more than two years on the run.

Kwok Wing-hung – the reputed former boss of the Wo Shing Wo triad society – was arrested at Hong Kong airport after arriving from Thailand.

He was charged with conspiracy to wound, criminal libel, and damage, on top of prior money laundering charges.

Moreover, Kwok was believed to have been a VIP room partner at the MGM Macau and Melco Crown’s City of Dreams




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