How Lousiana casinos cracked open the door then pushed it open even wider?


Riverboats cruising up and down the Mississippi, evocative of 19th-century paddle wheelers and Mark Twain stories. A small, stand-alone Monte Carlo-style casino in New Orleans. It had no amenities to encourage gamblers to visit local hotels and restaurants. There are only a few video poker machines in bars and restaurants.

This way they sold gambling to a wary public in Louisiana in 1991.

It is now clear that the state has gotten much more than it bargained for, 30 years after Louisiana took its first major steps toward legalizing gambling.

Moreover, gambling companies and their lobbyists in Baton Rouge gradually persuaded state lawmakers to expand their games of chance. They also convinced them to lower their taxes and relax their rules once they got their foot in the door.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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