Illinois slot machine routes zip past casinos

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In June, revenue from video gaming terminals in Illinois reached $213.2 million, a 57 percent increase over what slot routes earned in June 2019. This was also more than double the revenue generated by the state’s casinos. There were 25% more VGTs in the market than two years ago, for a total of 40,157, and the average win per unit per day was $177.

J&J Ventures led the way with $63.9 million in revenue for the month, followed by Accel Entertainment with $60.3 million and Gold Rush Amusements with $19.8 million. Prairie State Gaming earned $11.4 million, but no other operator earned more than $10 million per month.

At $199 per slot day, Gold Rush provided the most bang for the buck. J&J came in second place with $186, followed by Prairie State Gaming with $175 and Accel with $157.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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