In November, commercial gaming in the United States had its second best month ever.


The industry’s record-breaking surge continued in November, with the industry’s second-highest-grossing month ever. Traditional casino gaming, sports betting, and iGaming income totaled $4.85 billion in November 2021, up 35.3 percent from November 2019 and 1.3 percent from October 2021.

Prior to 2021, commercial gaming revenue has never topped $4 billion per month. Commercial gaming income has now surpassed $4.4 billion for the eighth month in a row.

Despite the fact that December income has yet to be reported, 2021 annual gaming revenue has surpassed the industry’s full-year record of $43.65 billion, and is running 21.3 percent ahead of the same eleven-month period in 2019.

At the state level, revenue increased in 23 of the 26 commercial gaming jurisdictions that were open in November 2019, with monthly gaming wins only declining in Kansas (-10.6%), Louisiana (-6.3%), and New Mexico (-6.3%). (-9.1 per cent).

By the end of November, 16 of the 26 jurisdictions had surpassed their full-year income goals for 2019, while another five were on track to beat their goals for the same eleven-month period the previous year. Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota have all surpassed their full-year gaming revenue records through November.

Despite the commencement of the holiday season, casino admission levels in the five regional markets that report admission data: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri were relatively unchanged from recent months.

The number of visitors is still significantly lower than in 2019. Admissions decreased by -17.6 to -30.4 percent in these states compared to November 2019, with the modest sequential drop owing to a less advantageous calendar, with November having one less full weekend. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, visitor numbers in Las Vegas fell 11% in 2019 compared to -8% in October.

In November, average gaming revenue from slots and table games per casino admission surpassed pre-pandemic levels, with monthly casino win per visitor for the five states increasing by 10.1 to 37.4% from November 2019 norms.

Brick-and-mortar slots and table games produced combined revenue of $3.83 billion in November 2019, up 12.2 percent from the previous month but down -3.6 percent sequentially. Slot revenue increased 14.2% year over year to $2.71 billion, while table game income increased 17.7% to $832 million.

Year-to-date through November, slot and table game revenue was $41.08 billion, close to the industry’s full-year high of $42.24 billion set in 2019 and 6.4 percent more than the same 11-month period the previous year.

At the state level, the combined income from slot and table gaming increased in 17 of the 25 commercial gaming states having both verticals in November 2019, with 15 of the jurisdictions on course to surpass full-year slot and table game revenue.

The NFL season catapulted US sports betting to unprecedented heights, with the industry reporting its largest monthly revenue of $666.1 million, up 112.8 percent from November 2020 and 48.5 percent higher than the previous high established in October. Positive event outcomes across the month drove the all-time high monthly income, with the nationwide hold rate rising to 9.6% from 5.9% in October. The total amount handled in the United States was $6.94 billion, down from $7.55 billion in October. When the statistics from Arizona is revealed, the figures for November will rise much further.

The first full month of wagering in Louisiana boosted sports betting in November, with eight brick-and-mortar sportsbooks taking bets by the end of the month, producing $27.6 million in handle and $5.7 million in income.

In November, iGaming revenue in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia totaled $345.8 million, up 124.2 percent year over year but down 3.2 percent from October’s high.

In November, revenue from iGaming and sports betting combined amounted for 20.9 percent of overall commercial gaming revenue, owing largely to a record month for sportsbooks. Except for April and May 2020, when practically all casinos were shutdown, this is the greatest recorded share for these embryonic sectors.





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