Italy – Attendance surpasses expectation as Campione d’Italia reopens


Attendance at the reopening of Campione d’Italia on the shores of Lake Lugano exceeded all expectations last Friday evening.

Campione Mayor Roberto Canesi said: “After almost four years of finding ourselves without a casino, this moment of rebirth brings great satisfaction. The turnout of these first days is beyond all expectations and confirms that the casino has kept its appeal intact. We now want to transform it into a business that offers art, exhibitions and other entertainment.

Casino CEO Marco Ambrosini said: “Those who come will find something completely different, with hyper-technological offers and latest generation games, alongside traditional ones. But what remains unchanged is the charm, history and image of this casino. Let’s not forget its proximity to Milan, this is the Casino of Milan. Of course the game remains in first place and we will attract fans with our games, for example, we have the ambition to become the largest poker room in Europe, but all other events will be made to attract also other customers.”

“The emotion is there, it is undeniable,” Mr. Ambrosini added: “Today we do not simply reopen the old casino, but we make a completely new proposal. Everything has changed, it’s a new challenge. When he saw us applauding, the first customer was amazed, but the emotion had to be shown after so much waiting and tension.”

Local union Uilcom said: “The casino reopens and with it an entire community returns to life, tried but more than ever united in the desire to restart. Certain wounds will burn for a long time to come, and the events that led to such a debacle cannot and must not be forgotten or repeated.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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