Italy – The Campione d’Italia Casino is currently unable to guarantee that it will reopen on December 31.

Campione d'Italia Casino

Meetings between trade unions, the casino’s owners Campione d’Italia Casino, and the delegate judge of the Court of Como are all attempting to set a firm reopening date for the casino in the Italian enclave of Campione d’Italia by the end of the year.

Marco Ambrosini, the CEO of the Campione d’Italia Casino, has reluctantly confirmed that the reopening date is still up in the air, with the end of 2021 being a possibility.

“Unfortunately, it is not yet possible at the moment [to confirm date], he said to new site Gioconews. “Of course, there was and remains the hope that it will be possible as soon as possible. The problems are many and the company is making every effort in its faculties to face and solve them.”

The first stumbling block is staffing, with 174 people required to be hired by the end of October in order to get to work and reopen by the end of the year in time for the holiday season. This is less than half of the 490 employees who lost their jobs when the casino went bankrupt three years ago.

The various trade unions that represent the workers are still engaged intense negotiations. The industrial plan calls for 16 people in the administration, eight in security, five in general services and secretariat, three in the information technology system, three in gaming management, 16 in customer service and reception, 99 in games, and 35 in slot machines. In some roles, more workers will be hired on a part-time basis to alternate, bringing the total number of employees to 185. The casino is also on the verge of naming a new board of directors, which was supposed to happen in August.

Mr. Ambrosini explained: “Negotiations started some time ago with the trade union counterparties for the formulation of a new contract, an indispensable tool for rehiring. However, the process consists of a series of phases that the company’s advisors are working on. It involves completing the definition of the industrial work plan, defining the recruitment criteria, opening the call for applications and appointing the commission that will make the selection. All these phases have been the subject of in-depth analysis for some time and will materialise in the near future .”

Marco Mancini, a delegate judge at the Court of Como, said it was now necessary, “given the very strong doubts” about meeting the December 31 reopening deadline, “to hear the legal representative of the casino, its sole shareholder, and the professionals indicated in the plan in conflict.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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