Japan – Pachinko has recovered to 80% of pre-pandemic revenue, says Dynam Holdings


Dynam Holdings, a Japanese pachinko operator, saw revenues drop 31% to JPY98.6 billion (US$904 million), with profits falling 81 percent to JPY2.4 billion.

The company, which operates 442 pachinko halls, said: “Due to expansion of COVID-19, the central government of Japan has issued the third state of emergency declaration in April 2021. Following that, the governors of ten prefectures requested that various business sectors halt operations or reduce operating hours.

Furthermore, Japan is lagging behind other countries in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Hence, our operating revenue recovery remained in the range of 70% to 80% of the previous financial year’s operating revenue.

“In terms of company’s financial results for the current year, we will make a higher profit than the previous year. However, because the company’s financial results for the current fiscal year remain uncertain, it is unable to provide any specific financial figures.”

“After June 2021, the pachinko business expects to recover moderately. But it will be challenging to return to the level of the year before the novel coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, the consolidated operating revenue will be higher than last year. It is expected that the percentage will remain at 80%. The Group will continue to review its cost structure and promote management system reforms.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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