Japan – Sega Sammy to invest over $1 billion in Genting’s Yokohama casino IR

Genting Yokohama casino

Sega Sammy Holdings has announced that as part of its partnership with Genting Singapore, it will contribute more than $1 billion to the construction of an Integrated Resort casino in Yokohama.

Sega Sammy stated, “Genting Singapore is the best partner for the success of our domestic IR business. We collaborated with Genting Singapore to analyze the domestic IR market, develop development plans, and organize the consortium. We are preparing an RFP application and have officially applied for the Yokohama City RFP.”

“Through this consortium, we will actively participate in IR business in Yokohama City, establish a new industry in Japan. Thus, we contribute to the revitalization of the domestic economy and tourism industry in Japan. We also intend to expand the domestic IR business in the future by developing highly transparent and sustainable IR facilities.”

Also, Sega Sammy hopes to open an IR in the late 2020s Genting Singapore wins its bid.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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