Keeping up with the pandemic : in Las Vegas, casino workers can receive the Covid vaccine.

Considered as frontline hospitality workers, casino employees are now eligible to have the COVID vaccine in Las Vegas

The eligibility list in Las Vegas includes now ‘frontline commerce and service industries. The list started in December 2020 including Doctors, teachers, government employees, and people that are 65 and older to have the vaccine

The order to vaccinate hospitality frontline workers is only concerning Clark County, for now, an extension is soon to be considered as the vaccination centers are not reaching their full appointment slots, this announcement is official right after county health shared their concerns about plenty of vaccine appointment not being fulfilled.

For this matter, casino employees and other hospitality workers should show proof of employment and their ID. The vaccination should be in the Southern Nevada Health District or partner location in Las Vegas, they should benefit from the vaccine without any concerns.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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