Lithuanian regulator threatens to block unlicensed operators


The Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority has warned unlicensed operators to block access to their websites if they continue offering online gambling in the country without a permit.

Operators must have the proper license to legally offer gambling in Lithuania. Those who do so without permission are considered illegal.

The Control Authority can take action against unlicensed operators under the country’s gambling laws. They can also block access to their websites in the country.

Any operator that is blocked is also added to the Control Authority’s blacklist of unlicensed operators. The website updates the list regularly.

The only way an operator can be taken off the blacklist is if it obtains the necessary license to offer online gambling in Lithuania.

“All online gambling operators should review their activities related to remote gambling in Lithuania. They must take steps to ensure that such services are not available to Lithuanian customers,” the Control Authority stated.

The warning comes after the Gambling Supervisory Authority fined an operator for the first time last month. A casino operator paid €15,000 (£13,049/$18,145) for imposing unreasonably high betting limits on an online customer.

Last month, the Gambling Supervisory Authority fined a digital media company employee. It was for illegally advertising gambling on basketball news and information website.

The site was found to be hosting gambling advertising with slogans, as well as promotional bonuses, which are illegal in Lithuania. The advertising also lacked the necessary warnings for gambling ads.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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