Long-term San Manuel employees still passionate about their jobs after 35 years

San Manuel Casino

Dianna Scina had a strategy. She’d worked at the San Manuel Casino since she was a child, beginning as a bingo floor clerk. Scina assumed her days at San Manuel were numbered when she went to college to become a teacher. But the plan had its own mind.

Scina, now the director of experiential marketing at San Manuel, couldn’t leave the Tribal community she’d grown so attached to and loved.

“Growing up at San Manuel, the culture has always been one of giving,” Scina explains. “There is simply a sense of pride among the employees. You just have a sense that you’re a part of something bigger. The tribe contributes significantly to the community and its employees.”

More than 40% of San Manuel employees have been with the company for at least five years.

Similarly, Tom Hedrick, like Scina, began working at San Manuel’s bingo hall when he was 16 years old. Hedrick, the tribe’s current vice president of Tribal community services, grew up in San Manuel, working for the tribe while attending high school and college.

One of the reasons Hedrick stayed with the Tribal enterprise is that the phrase “extended family” is more than just a phrase at San Manuel.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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