Lotte Tour casino to move to Jeju Dream Tower

Lotte Tour casino

Lotte Tour Development Co has been granted permission to move its casino license from a hotel to the Dream Tower on Jeju Island.

Jeju Island announced the extension, outlining instructions for Lotte Tour. It needs the casino to continue meeting the Jeju Provincial Council’s community expectations.

The Council expects the operator to enforce its local community contribution strategy and meet resident and youth jobs ratios of more than 80%.

Overall, the casino agreed to follow the Provincial Council’s requirements, due to which the transfer will take place.

Initially, the Lotte Hotel Jeju was located in the Jungmun tourist complex. Now the casino will transfer to Jeju’s tallest building.

Lotte Tour’s business area will grow from 1176m to 5367m. The new room will accommodate five gaming tables and 51 machines. Moreover, it will add 150 tables and 300 computers too.

Lotte Tour applied for the relocation about two months ago. Finally, once the transition is complete, it will most likely open in May.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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