Lucky Star among 6 Oklahoma casinos targeted by cyber-attack


The FBI will investigate a cyberattack on six Oklahoma casinos. One of the locations affected by the ransomware is the tribal Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma. As the casino’s lights went out, officials contacted the FBI for assistance.

According to a statement issued on Monday by Lucky Star Casino officials, the casino is one of many businesses, casinos, and government agencies that have been hit by ransomware. They did not, however, state what the attackers demanded. Lucky Star apologized to its customers later, saying they don’t know if any personal information leaked.

Lucky Star stated in its statement that the confidentiality and security of their data is a top priority for the casino. The FBI and federal law enforcement were immediately notified. The casino also took action and suspended operations after assessing the situation with the assistance of their insurance provider and cybersecurity experts.

To resolve the situation, officials turned to the IT team and external forensic cyber investigators. Lucky Star apologized to its customers and partners and promised to communicate directly with those who had been affected. The casino is hoping for a quick resolution so that it can reopen in the coming days.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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