Nevada’s gaming regulator urges vigilance in the face of rising cyberattacks


Following one of the largest ransomware sprees in history, as well as cyberattacks on Oklahoma casinos in June, the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board urged casino operators to remain vigilant on Wednesday. According to cyber experts, last week’s attack by Russian hackers impacted hundreds of American businesses.

The latest hack did not target any Nevada casinos, but they have been targeted in the past. Six Oklahoma tribal casinos temporarily closed in June after hit by a ransomware attack.

“We have been discussing cybersecurity with licensees regularly, and ransomware is a major concern,” says Commission Chairman J. Brin Gibson. “With these cash-heavy businesses, it’s going to be a big deal and a major challenge going forward.”

The issue came up during the board’s monthly meeting on Wednesday. It was when they recommended that John Robert Bollen, The Cosmopolitan’s chief information officer, be licensed as a key employee.

According to Bollen, they recently completed a major information-technology upgrade to deal with versions of old databases that had “vulnerabilities and cyber concerns.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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