Norway’s parliament is seeking input from stakeholders on a gaming overhaul.


The Norwegian government has begun a consultation to seek an opinion from stakeholders on the Storting’s (Parliament) approved order to combine and replace the country’s fragmented gambling regulations.

Norway’s government has been requested to change its gambling regulations, which were developed under the separate Totalizer Act (1927), Gaming Scheme Act (1992), and Lottery Act (1993), as proposed by the Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality (1995).

Former Culture, Sports and Equalities Minister Abid Q Raja proposed that the government adopt a ‘single and methodical policy’ covering all gaming disciplines, which Storting accepted last summer.

The proposed decree aims to harmonize Norway’s disparate gambling regulations by adopting standard laws to combat problem gambling, protect minors, and set fixed advertising/marketing controls.




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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