Novomatic restructures Global Operations business segment in Austria


Novomatic continues its transformation program that started last year and implemented a new structure to strengthen the Global Operations business segment. It is following the successful restructuring of its Global Sales and Production & Logistics organizations.

All departments and divisions involved in operating the approximately 1,900 gaming facilities around the world, as well as renting gaming equipment, will now be grouped into the new Global Operations business segment, which will be led by Thomas Komnacky, a long-time Novomatic manager who has been promoted to the new position of VP Global Operations, reporting directly to Novomatic Executive Board Memb.

Mr. Presch explained, “The primary goal of this new structure is to create a combined and across-divisional unit. It is so that it will support and manage the international operating subsidiaries as well as coordinate with the headquarters.”

Thomas Komnacky, the new VP Global Operations, sees his new role as focusing on strengthening Novomatic’s headquarter support. He focuses on expanding the country coverage of central contact persons and their functions at the headquarters.

Mr. Komnacky explained, “My goal is to contribute significantly to improving the company’s overall performance. Hence, we must build even stronger networks between the subsidiaries and provide targeted guidance and support from the headquarters.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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