Oshidori abruptly withdraws from Nagasaki’s IR process, stating unreasonable rules and “ethical concerns”

Oshidori International Development

Leading candidate Oshidori International Development has abruptly withdrawn from the race. It was just two days after the three remaining candidates gave their final presentations to develop and operate an IR.

Moreover, Oshidori stated, “Unless certain changes are made to the developmental and operational rules that the Nagasaki Prefecture imposed, and unless the RFP process is conducted in an ethical manner, [Oshidori] is withdrawing from participating in the RFP for an IR in Nagasaki.”

Oshidori, which was leading a consortium with US tribal gaming operator Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, cited Nagasaki’s political environment. It stated, “The restrictive rules imposed by the Nagasaki Prefecture make it impossible for Oshidori to conduct business efficiently.”

“Oshidori has also encountered incidents that lead it to question whether there were serious ethical irregularities in the RFP process. But it will only participate in a process with the highest integrity, that is professional and transparent.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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