Papua New Guinea Divided Over Plannings for Country’s First Casino

Papua New Guinea

The Paga Hill Development Corporation and the National Gaming Control Board of Papua New Guinea are planning to build the country’s first $43 million casino. This could pave the way for a new industry in Papua New Guinea, but it could also cause problems. Supporters have listed the benefits, while sceptics have expressed their concerns.

Paga Hill’s COO, George Hallit, emphasized the advantages of gambling for the PNG’s economy. According to him, the country’s tourism is suffering. The casino in Port Moresby is likely to include an annex hotel, cinema, and shopping centre. This will boost tourism while also create jobs.

Gambling Could Devastate PNG’s Social Structure

The Institute of National Affairs’ executive director Paul Barker shares Aitsi’s concerns about having a regulatory body in the industry. Gambling, he believes, can hurt PNG society. According to Barker, slot machines had already had this negative effect. Many people became addicted and became homeless as a result.

Father Giorgio Licini, who represents the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea, is upset at the amount of money being spent on the pleasures of the wealthy. Licini is furious, and he emphasizes the deplorable state of the countryside. The same money, according to Licini, can benefit kids for their education and facilities.

Both sides have made some compelling arguments in favour of and against the casino’s construction in Port Moresby.

We’ll have to wait and see how the situation in Papua New Guinea develops, as well as what gambling will bring.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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