Parimatch facilitates the OKTO.CASH solution in Cyprus


OKTO introduced OKTO.CASH in-app payment method in Cyprus with Parimatch.

The fintech firm is offering a new physical-to-digital payment method for Parimatch players. It will allow them to top up their online gaming accounts with cash at any point of sale in OKTO’s partnering POS network, particularly in a secure and quick manner.

Also, OKTO.CASH provides a seamless top-up experience, with funds available in real-time without leaving the gaming platform.

OKTO’s proprietary technology, which is fully integrated into Parimatch’s mobile app and website, as well as OKTO’s network of point-of-sales in Cyprus, has provided Parimatch with a flexible solution.

In addition, the betting operator will gain access to OKTO’s payment platform. It will allow merchants to accept real-time payments and receive automated settlement reports and invoicing.

“Our partnership with Parimatch focuses towards our goal to provide users with the abilities to transact across multiple channels seamlessly and securely,” explained Fotis Psindrides, Country Manager at OKTO.

“OKTO.CASH is the driving force by converging online payments and cash. We are glad to expand in Cyprus through our cooperation with Parimatch. The addition of the OKTO.CASH payment method will also broaden the brand’s payment options, giving players a more intuitive mobile-first experience.”





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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