Quebec does not want criminals in its casinos

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A decade later, Canada is still dealing with a massive corruption scandal linked to specific casinos, as well as a large money-laundering operation that has yet to be fully exposed.

Quebec is attempting to address the issue. It announced last November that it ordered an independent audit to look into the link between casinos and organized crime. It began with a closer look at the Casino de Montreal property.

The audit notes that the casino has come a long way and that the improvements are related to past events rather than anything happening now. However, in order to help Quebec improve its image, new regulations will come into play. It will suspend gamblers with a “high-risk profile” and cancel their loyalty program memberships. The individual will also lose any points he or she may have accumulated due to the cancellation.

Loto-Quebec supports the audit’s findings and says that it is ready to play its part. It also states that it is constantly on the lookout for best practices in the fight against money laundering. It also looks forward to the upcoming implementation of new tools that will allow it to better identify issues sooner.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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