Recently published “decree project” in Spain sees regulation on safer gambling


Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs has published a draft framework for a decree project. It aims to establish “safer gaming environments” and additional consumer gambling safeguards as a federal mandate administering Spanish gambling.

According to the project’s foreword, which outlines comprehensive protective measures needed to modernize Spain’s 2011 Gambling Law, Spanish gambling requires an “optimal framework” to protect consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

Furthermore, licensed operators must comply with new rules that improve customer monitoring in order to report on gambling disorders.

Following the adoption of new safety measures, the project also sees the endorsement of the requirement for online casinos. It is to ensure that players set a “net spend limit on each wagering session” for minimum 24 hours.

Furthermore, before placing a bet or activating their accounts, sports betting customers must set a minimum betting spend.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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