School of Gaming see Speedy Recovery

School of gaming

Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending has a wall with success stories.

The portrait collage shows dozens of former students. Each of them has a smiling face. Written below is the name of a casino where they found work as a dealer.

Owner Ricky Richard confirmed that enrollment rates at the school are back to pre-pandemic levels. Nearly every graduating student has found work immediately. It’s a trend seen at dealer schools over the valley.

Richard said. “Almost anybody who needs to work, we can get them to work.” We’re graduating a handful of people every week. In moments of tragedy, there’s always an opportunity. And that’s been the case here.”

The pandemic brought the loss of thousands of dealer jobs in Nevada. According to the latest data, 14,110 gambling dealers were working in the state in May 2020. This was 38 percent lower from 22,580. The same period as last year.

David Noll, managing director of the CEG Dealer School at 2605 S said. The business has brought jobs for over 140 dealers during the pandemic. “For most of them it’s their very first job,” he added.

School’s two locations in Las Vegas have also settled students in Clark County casinos. Many of them were dishwashers or housekeepers at different casinos. Others recently moved to Las Vegas.

Enrolled at PCI Henry Domzalski, a 34-year-old Strip casino dealer understood how to deal baccarat. The Strip casino dealer had been considering returning to dealer school. But he took the drop after the pandemic hit to prepare for career advancement opportunities.

“I wanted to make my cover letter as strong as possible when a moment for growth arises. He said. “I don’t want to have any gaps in my resume. Or want to give reasons to choose someone else over me.”

He added that many of his coworkers are also returning to school.

Costs range across schools and programs. It varies from $500 to nearly $12,000. The costs do not include grants and other financial aid. It can take from six weeks to six months to complete a program. The education costs can be well worth the return on investment. According to the heads of CEG. Salaries for dealers, including tips, range between the mid $30,000s to over $50,000 on the Strip.




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