Spain –Dragon Lamp arrival in Canary Islands  

dragon lamp

Zitro has introduced Dragon Lamp. It is an alternative method to play Video Bingo in Spain. The method is causing excitement in the Canary Islands.

Vicente Fernández, Zitro’s Commercial Director, said. Dragon Lamp’s success belongs to a unique style of winning progressives. The requirement to mark bingo to get the Jackpot had gone now. Canary players are enjoying the Dragon Lamp. It has given a revolutionary change to the traditional Video Bingo game. The method has evoked the excitement of the players.

Pedro Freites, Zitro’s commercial delegate in the Canary Islands, also shared his opinion. He said. “At Zitro, we are always looking for fresh ways to attract and keep players. This new system includes many aspects to achieve this. The way you get the Jackpot has changed. We also have added extra features like Wild Crush and the new games. Dragon Lamp brings fresh energy to the gaming halls. Canary customers are greeting it with great joy.”

Mr. Fernández added: “We are trying to bring Dragon Lamp to the rest of the people [in Spain]. We will produce extra attractions. Only Zitro knows how to do it.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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