Spain – Valencia workers union wants gambling restrictions to be lifted


Valencia’s Union of Gaming Hall Workers (UTSAJU) demands the President of the Generalitat of Valencia, Ximo Puig, to reopen casinos. The union also wants to open slot halls, bingo halls, and sports betting locations. The locations have been closed for 76 days ‘with no health justification.’

UTSAJU spokesperson, Vicente Contreras said. “The fates of 2,500 employees were now at risk following two months of closures. No evidence is present that the closure of the business is necessary to control the pandemic. Other measures are less harmful to workers and that would provide the same purpose.’’

“Inside Gambling facilities, there is not a large gathering of people. We can impose easily social distancing. Other measures such as ventilation, temperature taking, and the use of a mask can be implemented. We will make sure of the disinfection of machines and tables. We have detected no source of transmission in the rooms.”

The Councilor of the Valencia City Council for the Popular Party (PP) Paula Llobet said. “The decision to keep the gaming venues closed is not on technical principles. Before the last closure, we carried out inspections. The Valencia City Council has €97m in its account. Also, they have an extra of €45. But the longer premises are closed, the more companies are in danger.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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