Swiss Casinos has set its sights on a new facility in Oftringen.

Swiss Casinos

By 2025, Swiss Casinos hopes to establish a new casino in Oftringen, in the modern Campfield multi-complex.

The lease agreement has been finalized, and the Swiss Federal Council will decide whether or not to grant the project a license in autumn 2023. Around 70 additional employment will be created if Casino Oftringen is built.

Campfield Oftringen is located near the A1 and A2 motorways, on one of Switzerland’s key transportation axes. The multi-complex is conveniently accessible, with over 300 parking spots and public transportation stops within walking distance. The modern commercial property will have a hotel, many restaurants, and other amenities.

Swiss Casinos is planning a new casino with a floor area of around 3000 square meters. The casino has the backing of Saunier Group Holding AG, which represents the property’s owner and project developer.

“The Campfield building in Oftringen is the appropriate spot for Swiss casinos as well as the nightlife audience,” stated board member Nadia Lamia.

Oftringen is one of the up-and-coming communities in the Swiss Plateau, according to Swiss Casinos, with a catchment area of more than 100,000 people. Around 70 new jobs will be created as a result of the projected casino.

“In terms of population, Oftringen is rising by roughly two percent yearly,” Hanspeter Schläfli, mayor of Oftringen, noted. As a result, it is becoming increasingly crucial to develop jobs locally. The introduction of Swiss casinos benefits not only Oftringen, but the entire region as well. The plans of the largest Swiss gaming group excite me much.”

The new casino in Oftringen is scheduled to open its doors at the beginning of 2025. A prerequisite is the successful award of the concession by the Federal Council. The Federal Council’s decision is expected in October 2023.

Marc Baumann, CEO of Swiss Casinos, added: “The quality of life in Switzerland is important to us. That is why we are happy to support cultural and social organisations whose commitment promotes the cohesion of society.”




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