Switzerland — At its annual general meeting, Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern sets its sights on future casino licenses.

Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern

The 126th Annual General Meeting of Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern focused on the future renewal of casino licenses, in addition to the excellent numbers for the previous financial year.

By 2044, the casino hopes to renew the existing Lucerne and online casino concessions, as well as expand into other casino markets. In 2021, the holding firm Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern boosted its operating income and corporate profit considerably. The Annual General Meeting adopted a six-franc dividend and profit participation certificate per registered share. The Grand Casino Luzern attracted 579 shareholders. They personally owned 57.44 percent of the company’s stock. The Grand Casino Luzern Group is the top casino company in Switzerland, with gross gaming revenue of CHF 92.89 million in 2021.

The significance of this concession renewal was explained by National Councillor Gerhard Pfister (Zug), President of the Swiss Casino Association.

The Annual General Meeting of Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern was held on location at the Grand Casino in Lucerne on 14 June 2022 for the first time since 2019. “Our annual meeting is not simply an ordinary General Assembly,” Chairman of the Board Guido Egli stated of the intimate reconnection after the lengthy pandemic. Rather, it’s a meeting place for fascinating individuals, a place for discourse as well as conviviality and collegiality.”

Guido Egli, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wolfgang Bliem, CEO, and Rudolf Widmer, CFO, reported to the Annual General Meeting on a successful 2021. However, the epidemic and government limitations had a significant influence on the financial year. The group’s online casino, mycasino, was able to nearly entirely compensate for the corona-related drop in the land-based Casino Luzern as well as the restaurant and event sector.

All of the Board of Directors’ suggestions were approved by the Annual General Meeting. The management report, yearly financial statements, and consolidated financial statements were all approved by the board. The CHF 14 million retained profit will be utilized to pay a six-franc dividend per registered share and profit participation certificate, as well as contribute to the statutory reserve and carry forward to the new account. Members of the Board of Directors Guido Egli (Meggen) and Vanessa Marr (Winterthur) were re-elected for a three-year term.






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