The Netherlands — The Dutch Football Association has pledged to work with Sportradar to combat integrity risks.


As part of a new multi-year deal, Sportradar Intelligence and Investigation Services (I&I), which is part of Sportradar Integrity Services, will expand the integrity measures supplied to the Netherlands’ largest sports body, the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB).
The I&I team will offer the KNVB with constant identification and investigation of any integrity concerns facing its organization in regard to match-fixing by processing all publicly available material on the surface, deep, and dark web.

Investigations into unusual betting patterns, match manipulation, and corruption will be the focus of the service.
The new arrangement adds to the KNVB’s existing program of integrity measures, as well as Sportradar Integrity Services’ betting monitoring of men’s and women’s football matches in the Netherlands.

“We are confident that this partnership will put us in the strongest possible position to uphold the integrity of our competitions,” said Jan Peter Dogge, Integrity Officer KNVB. “KNVB takes the threat of match-fixing and other sporting corruption extremely seriously, and we recognise the experience and depth of knowledge which Sportradar possess in this field.

“Through this new intelligence partnership, we are looking forward to strengthening our integrity protections in these important areas.”

“Corruption in sport goes beyond match fixing,” said Andreas Krannich, Managing Director Integrity Services at Sportradar. “The significance of comprehensive due diligence methods that touch every aspect of business cannot be understated.”

“The evolving threats of match manipulation and other sporting corruption highlight the need for a constant and proactive approach to tackling potential integrity issues. Working with our Intelligence and Investigation services team, the KNVB has shown a commendable commitment to protecting the integrity of Dutch football.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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