The Sports Gambling Market Being Shaped by South Dakota Gaming Regulators

Sports Gambling

In November of last year, the people of South Dakota showed that they did not oppose legalizing sports gambling in the state. Lawmakers and gaming regulators have been working hard since then to help put the activities in place. There isn’t much time left before the state’s sports gambling market opens on July 1. But the finishing touches may be in place now.

Sports Betting Heading to Deadwood

The Commission has finalized guidelines related to application fees, who is eligible for a license, and more, according to the meeting.  They also discussed non-sports rules, such as those ruling blackjack, poker, and other casino games. All of the changes were approved.

The application fee for a sports betting license will be $5,000. It is significantly less than what operators in other states pay. Anyone tied to the market, like equipment licensees and service providers, will be barred from betting on any sporting event. Most importantly, Deadwood’s received approval to allow casinos to offer sports betting.

South Dakota expects to open its sports betting market on July 1, but the date is still subject to change. Despite missing out on a huge opportunity by not allowing mobile sportsbooks, the state is still willing to join a group of legal gambling states that now has nearly 30 members. According to previous projections, there would be 40 legal states by 2024, but that number could be reached much sooner.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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