The Tote and TruNarrative work together to enhance player protection with affordability assessments

The Tote has selected TruNarrative technology to improve customer onboarding and affordability tests.

It is part of its dedication to providing consumers with a sound and safe gaming environment in line with the most recent UK regulatory guidelines.

Via a single API, the TruNarrative interface allows operators to conduct the checks required to securely, quickly, and compliantly onboard. Also, transact, handle, and protect customers during their lifecycle.

They offer the ability to optimize the customer experience and conduct anti-money laundering (AML), activity and transaction tracking, risk ranking, document verification, and affordability assessments, all from an easy-to-use user interface.

Following the recent UK Gambling Commission guidelines on affordability and consumer security, the Tote has collaborated with TruNarrative and other existing partners. It will help improve the player’s journey.

The ability to incorporate effective affordability screening into the consumer experience was crucial to Tote’s dedication to understanding and protecting players. TruNarrative provides a whole workflow and risk rating solution for the Tote, allowing centralized control of the customer journey.

The Tote would be able to conduct enhanced due diligence on their customers and continuous risk rating. TruNarrative technology performs identity verification, customer affordability tests, and Document Verification checks to provide customer insights through Tote’s various products.

TruNarrative can also offer customer behavior and transactional tracking to the Tote, including insight into bets, deposits, and withdrawals. It will help Tote’s consumer protection teams gain insight into a customer’s risk profile. And Also detect changes in conduct, and recognize potential players where action could be needed.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the TruNarrative group. They will assist us in ensuring we have the details we need on customers during their time betting with the Tote,” said Dani Johnson, Tote’s Operations Director. This is vital work, and TruNarrative is an outstanding collaborator with whom the Tote team will work.”

“The Tote will be able to improve the customer lifecycle efficiently. And also track their players with the TruNarrative platform.” TruNarrative’s Head of Gaming, Adam Doyle, said. “It’s great to be partnering with the Tote to help them appreciate players and have a fantastic experience.”




Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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